Hints for the fate of the X-Men in a Post Secret Wars Marvel Universe

Marvel comics Editor in Chief Axel Alonso recently dropped some hints as to the fate of the X-Men in a new post Secret Wars Universe at CBR. Minor Spoilers if you haven't been reading the lead up events to Secret Wars. » 3/29/15 6:52pm 3/29/15 6:52pm

Lost Girl S5: The Kenzi Factor

Since the terrible season four and its finale, I was wondering how the show would continue or if even Kenzi (and Ksenia Solo) would be back and whether the final season could regain some of what made this series great. Well season five has premiered on Showcase and I have to say it is a massive improvement over season… » 1/05/15 11:19pm 1/05/15 11:19pm

New Promo for Person of Interest teases the coming AI war trilogy arc

Its been a thing for the past seasons of POI to have a trilogy of episodes change up the show around this time, last year was the end of HR storyline and the death of a main character. This year Samaritan goes on the offensive to try to smoke the Machine and the Gang out of hiding. Check out the promo. » 12/11/14 12:47am 12/11/14 12:47am

Fandoms collide as Ksenia Solo joins the Clone Club

If you hadn't heard or maybe you have Ksenia Solo has been very busy since Lost Girl (still up in the air if she is appearing in the final season at all). First she joined AMC's revolutionary drama Turn. And most recently it was announced she joined Orphan Black as Shay a best friend for Cosima!!! I can't think of a… » 12/03/14 8:21pm 12/03/14 8:21pm